Live Prawn Productions Inc (LPP) is a local non profit, incorporated community organisation.

In January 2008, Clarence Valley Council (CVC) awarded the association the licence to operate Yamba River Market on a three-year renewable term. The Markets operate each 4th Sunday of the month, from Ford Park, located on the Yamba Bay foreshore, near the Ferry wharf. Market profits are reinvested back into local community events, live performances and cultural activities.

All stallholders, subcontractors, volunteers and staff, are bound by the market regulations, as stipulated in the market licence, and must furthermore act within these guidelines.

LPP Inc. has the authority to change any of the guidelines without prior notice and to perform all such acts and carry out all such actions as are necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Yamba River Markets.


LPP Management Committee aims to support stallholders who reside in the Clarence Valley who make or grow all they sell, whilst encouraging newcomers from further afield. LPP aims to encourage locals and visitors alike to stay and enjoy the festive atmosphere by providing, on a regular basis, performers and buskers, thereby enabling the market to showcase local new & emerging acts. By providing these guidelines, LPP’s expectation is for a smooth running market, ensuring a successful and enjoyable day for all stakeholders.


Please contact Live Prawn Productions Inc through our contact page.


Casual Stallholders become permanent after three (3) consecutive months of trading and it is assumed that stallholders will attend the Yamba River Markets on a regular monthly basis. Stallholders who do not advise us of non attendance, may find that they are then put back on the casual list. Until becoming permanent, other stallholders must contact the Market Coordinator, preferably by email, each month to secure a site.

General cut off time for permanents to be on site is 7.30am, unless prior notice is given.

Sites remain the property of LPP. While every endeavour is made to allocate the stallholders their preferred site, some location changes may occur occasionally. Sites cannot be bought, sold, leased, hired or rented out in any way.

The Market Coordinator must be made aware of any changes stallholders may consider to their product lines other than those written on your market application form

Stallholders must have relevant Certificates for their stall, issued by Clarence Valley Council, as well as an Insurance policy with $20,000,000 cover.

Have fun, enjoy the day, your continued attendance & and service is greatly appreciated!


All Stall fee arrears owing must be paid at the market you are attending unless there is a prior arrangement with LPP.

If you plan to be away from the next market or future markets, you must notify us by email one week prior to the markets or inform a committee member at the Information Stall & and it will be recorded in the Communication Book.

Failure to notify the Market Committee may result in your permanent location being given to another stallholder.


An initial admin booking fee of $5 is to be paid by every stallholder the first time they attend the Yamba River Markets. This fee may be charged again if stallholders have not attended the Yamba River Market for six months or more.


Our lease arrangements with Clarence Valley Council for Ford Park and the OH & S Act, allows for a NO ALCOHOL and NO DRUGS policy within the grounds. This also applies to maintaining a safe working environment for our stallholders, committee, volunteers and community.


Stallholders & customers are permitted to bring dogs on site as long as they on a leash at all times. They must be in their control and It is also the owners responsibility to clean up any mess their animals make on the market site.
Please do not leave animals in vehicles.

The selling or giving away of any animal is prohibited by Live Prawn Productions Inc.

NB: No animals are permitted in areas where food is being prepared or served under the NSW Food Authority Act 2003.


Stall holders are not allowed onto Ford park until after 6:30am.

All stall holders must have a receipt of payment to enter site.

Regular Stall holders are to line up in Library Lane, alongside Yamba Library which runs off Wooli Street.
New & casual stall holders or those without a stallholder number queue in Library Lane from 7:30am, where fees will be collected and receipts given.

Regulars stall holders who are not present by 7:30am may lose their site & or have their site given away. Unless notice given prior to management.

All attempts will be made to have stall holders on site by 8.00am.


Generally, Yamba has idea weather conditions for most of the year. While cancellation due to inclement weather is very rare, the following points apply if it is deemed necessary.

Stallholders to provide their own protection for all weather conditions.

While the Market Coordinator & and the Liaison Officer will look at ground conditions & and consult with the Committee before making a judgement, the final decision is made by Clarence Valley Council.

If unsure if the market will be going ahead please contact the Market Coordinator or check our Yamba River Markets Facebook page for updates.


  • All stallholders are to conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner.
  • LPP volunteers will direct stallholders to their location as quickly as possible.
  • If delays occur we ask that stallholders display respect, courtesy and patience.
  • The Market Coordinator should be contacted with any issues, concerns or grievances so that they can be resolved in the best interests of all stakeholders.
  • LPP reserve the right to remove or deny attendance to the markets of any stallholder who displays inappropriate behaviour or poor attitude to others associated with the market.
  • In situations of inproper or offencive behaviour by stallholders, the stallholder may be given a 3 month suspension from attending the market.
  • In the case of violent or abusive behaviour a stallholder may be banned for 1 year or more.
  • Stallholders must not contravene the LPP market guidelines or be in breach of the law.
  • LPP reserves the right to permanently reject any stallholder who does not adhere to the market regulations and guidelines as set down within this document.
  • Australian Safety and Occupational Health regulations must be followed at the Yamba River Markets.

The Market Coordinator is who to specifically speak to on site if there are any questions regarding the markets
Stallholders are asked not to interfere with public pedestrian access or access to and from stallholder sites and adjoining stalls

LPP can be contacted here.


Electricity is only available by prior arrangement with the LPP Management Committee. Stallholders need to be aware that the supply of electricity to Ford Park is limited and no alteration or addition to electrical equipment is permitted without prior application and approval.

  • A fee for power is applicable at $10 for the first outlet, $20 for the second.
  • All electrics are to be regularly inspected by a qualified electrician and must comply with OH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.
  • Any power cords found to be running hot & are considered unsafe will be disconnected immediately.
  • Stallholders should carry appropriate safety equipment eg extinguishers etc.
  • Only stallholders who have applied for power are to plug in.
  • Stallholders will be allocated one power point unless other arrangements have been organised with LPP.
  • Stallholders not complying will be disconnected.
  • Generators are not permitted at the Yamba River Markets.
  • Council OH&S officials may make random inspections.


The fees will depend on the size of your stall, insurance and power needs and whether you need a car on site.

  • Standard Stall size is 4mX4m
  • Standard Stalls $25 + $5 for the first time registration.
  • Extra frontage is $10 per extra 2 metres, (2 metres minimum & no single metres)
  • Food Stalls $40 + $5 for first time registration + Clarence Valley Council permit required to sell
  • Food made on site please call Clarence Valley Council on 6645 2266
  • We are unable to provide Food Stall insurance
  • Charity/Not for Profit Stall $5
    + Insurance $10 if you don’t have your own.
    + Car on site $5, trailers are free. You can unload car at site and then park in the allocated stallholder carpark at the end of the park or around the perimeter for free.
  • Stallholders will be given due notice before changes take place.

> Pre-Payment of Stall Fees

To avoid delays in queuing & paying on entry to the market on the morning, Stallholders can pre-pay for the next month at the current market. Stallholders must keep & show their receipt to gain entry to the market. Pre paid stall fees can be carried over for up to 3 months, this must be communicated with the market manager to arrange this.


Food stallholders are bound by the requirements of the NSW Food Authority Act 2003. These requirements place all direct responsibility on the persons selling the food. Failure to comply may render the seller liable to large fines. Vendors of food stalls, which cause injury or illness, may be liable for damages.

  • All operators are to clearly display all required licences/certificates etc from Clarence Valley Council. CVC contact phone number is 6643 0200
  • All heating appliances/fryers etc are to be out of reach of the public.
  • All electrical appliances and leads to be regularly inspected by a qualified electrician for compliance with OH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.
  • All gas bottles, appliances and lines to be regularly inspected by a qualified person for compliance with OH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.
  • The level of cleaning/hygiene facilities, provided by the operator, must adhere with Section 4 of the NSW Food Authority Act.
  • Relevant cold/hot storage facilities to be provided by the operator, again adhering to the NSW Food Authority Act.
  • Appropriate fire extinguishers are to be on hand.
  • Random checks from Clarence Valley Council can take place.
  • Traders are responsible for leaving their stall area free of rubbish.
  • Traders are responsible for removal and disposal of all their grey water and stall waste.


The LPP information stall, clearly marked, is manned at all times by a committee member or volunteer.
Everyone is very approachable if you have any concerns or questions needing clarifying, the staff and volunteers are always willing to cooperate.

A suggestion box is available at the Information Stall which we encourage stallholders and the public to use.


All stallholders who have their own insurance policies must supply us with a photocopy of their certificate each year or email a copy. Always having a current policy is mandatory.

LPP can provide some stall sites with temporarily public liability cover for an extra $10 per market site. Stallholders requiring this service must gain LPP approval prior to attending the market.


Yamba River Markets maintains a presence on Facebook and Instagram. Stallholders are encouraged to Like and Follow these accounts and to tag @YambaRiverMarkets or use the #YambaRiverMarkets when posting product and market-related content to their own social media accounts. LPP reserves the right to share content posted by stallholders on Yamba River Market social media channels and where possible, will seek permission from and/or acknowledge the content owner.


  • Musician’s/performer’s vehicles can come on site to unload from the hours of 6.30 to 9am on the market morning. Vehicles must be removed from the performance area (under the shade cloth) and parked in designated areas eg. at the bottom of library lane after unloading by 9am latest. Vehicles may be brought back on site to load gear from 1:00pm onwards (the market official ends at 2pm).
  • A 3m x 3m Quikshade will be provided (gazebo walls not provided).
  • Banners, signs, backdrops, posters etc may only be hung from and within the area of the Quikshade. NO banners, backdrops, signs etc may be attached to any part of the large shade cloth structure.
  • LPP requires an invoice for performer fee payments.
  • Performers should carry their own public liability insurance, to cover claims up to $20million. Please contact us if you do not have your own insurance.
  • LPP pays licence fees to APRA. If your music is registered with APRA, we recommend you submit a setlist to APRA to advise them of the songs you have performed to ensure the songwriters are compensated.


  • Stallholders are encouraged to remove their cars from the site following unloading their goods.
  • Free car parking is available at the western end of Ford Park for Stallholders.
  • A $5 fee is charged for those who wish to keep their vehicle on site behind their stall.
  • We aim to minimise vehicles parked within the market stall sites to create more space and for aesthetic purposes.
  • Please respect the finishing time of 2pm and refrain from bringing cars on site before then.


LPP aims to protect the environment by encouraging all stakeholders to minimise waste.

The use of recycled materials is also actively encouraged.

In line with the CVC Market Policy objective to provide environmentally sustainable bagging solutions, Yamba River Markets has a NO Plastic Bag policy.

No loose plastic shopping bags to be used. Paper Eco-bags using environment-friendly ink are available to purchase from the Info Tent for 30 cents each to stallholders (50 cents to the public).

Goods that are pre-packaged in plastic wrapping are permitted.

All rubbish is to be removed from your site before leaving.

CVC provides red bins for landfill waste and LPP provides green bins for organic / compostable waste and yellow recycling bins for aluminum cans, glass, cardboard and other recyclables.

Stallholders are reminded to encourage customers to dispose of their rubbish in the correct coloured bin.

The correct disposal of any grey water is the responsibility of stallholders.