Music: Dapper, by Doot | Aerial photography and video editing by Jessica Robertson.

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Sunday 22 July – this month we are delighted to welcome back Tomi Gray who describes himself as…
An Australian born Artist;
Experienced Singer, Songwriter, Drummer, Guitarist.
Accomplished Writer and Published Poet.
Novice Producer and Engineer.
Podcast Addict.
Psychedelic Explorer.
Personal Growth Enthusiast.
Amateur Philosopher.
Alien Believer.
Van Dweller.
Part-time Moustache Aficionado.

Sunday 26 August – after an exhaustive search for the X spot, we dig up local treasures Sandy Feat.

Sunday 23 September – The Undecided made a decision and booked themselves to play our September market. Headed up by local songwriter Ulo, the lack of certainty in their band name bears no relationship to their knowing ways of entertaining a market audience. Always one of our favourite bands to visit the markets.

Sunday 28 October – after his debut on the Plunge Festival Stage, hosted at the markets last April, we had to get Coalby back to serenade the crowd. Switching between the pedal steel slide and a keyboard to accompany his emotive folk, soul and blues flavoured songs, Coalby’s singing style is timeless and evocative.

Sunday 25 November – pied piper, Moonshiner and all round local music champion Ryan Enns amasses students from schools across the lower Clarence for the annual ‘fun’draising belter of a concert, featuring choirs, soloists, guitars a plenty and sing-along choruses. Prepare to exercise your vocal chords.

2018 market dates

Sunday 24 June

Sunday 22 July

Sunday 26 August

Sunday 23 September

Sunday 28 October

Sunday 25 November

Sunday 23 December

A message for dog owners

Ford Park – home to the markets each month – is a dog friendly place, albeit with exclusion zones applicable at certain times.

Specifically, dogs are not permitted within 10m of food preparation and serving areas.

So when bringing your pooch to the markets, which you’re very welcome to do, we ask you to please be considerate and observe the rules.

Keep your dog on the lead and clear of the food stalls and dining area under the large shade cloth.