Live Prawn Productions Inc. is the not-for-profit, incorporated arts and cultural association that operates the Yamba River Markets and produced Surfing The Coldstream Festival.

We’re a community group bonded by a common love of music, art and cultural events.

Our management committee consists of energetic locals who stage cultural events across the Clarence Valley. Our membership is growing and ensures responsibility is shared among a group of people with mutual interests. Most members simply do their bit for community by volunteering on market days.

We treat all our gatherings, whether at the monthly market or at other cultural events, as an opportunity to dream about the perfect community event and discuss how we might turn these into reality.

Joining LPP as a member also means you can participate in funding applications to help make your idea come to fruition, not to mention access the extensive experience and brains-trust of existing members.

LPP membership is just $5 per year.

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